Sprinting While Topless

Story and Photos by Bob Wicker


No, this is not a story about that 70's fad known as streaking. This story is about a topless, 1967 Firebird Sprint.

On February 23, 1967 Pontiac entered the "pony car" wars with their soon to be very popular Firebird. The Firebird could be had as a 2 door coupe or a convertible and could be optioned with 6 different engines ranging from 230 to 400 cubic inches, and rated from 165 to 325 horsepower.

1967 Firebird Ad photo

John Delorean was responsible for the birth of Pontiac's Overhead Cam 6 cylinder engine. This engine, first introduced in the Lemans Sprint in 1966, was the base motor for the Firebird in it's first generation. It was, according to many, way ahead of its time. The high revving OHC 6 cylinder was fuel efficient but still performed quite well. Pontiac's was the first OHC engine on which the cam was belt driven. The OHC 6 could also be ordered with the Sprint option in the Firebird. This option gave the buyer higher compression, a hotter cam and a 4 barrel carb.

John Delorean and the OHC 6 engine

Ray Anderson of Houston, Texas is the owner of this beautiful OHC 6 Firebird convertible. Ray's car was originally a base OHC 6 car, but a previous owner upgraded the car to Sprint specifications and added the appropriate badging. This topless bird was sold new at Steingold Pontiac in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Ray is the third owner. It came equipped from Pontiac with a power top, power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, console, deluxe steering wheel, push button radio and deluxe wheel discs. The dealer added a hood tachometer and at some point the wheels were upgraded to Rally II's with trim rings .

This bird's red exterior and interior are contrasted nicely with a white body stripe, whitewall tires and an Ivory convertible top.

Ray recently purchased this car and has been showing it and enjoying top down cruising. You could say he has been sprinting while topless, or at least his Firebird has.





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