The 1965 full size wagons took on a curvy new "Coke Bottle" shape that appeared wider in the rear. Advertising bragged that they were beautiful to look at and exciting to drive. The Tempest line took on the vertical stacked headlight look.

US Models: Bonneville Safari, Catalina Safari (2 or 3 seat), Tempest Custom Safari, Tempest Safari

1965 Wagon Production:

Bonneville: 6,460

Catalina 3 Seat: 15,110

Catalina 2 Seat: 23,399

Tempest Custom:  10,792

Tempest: 5,622

1965 Sales Brochures

1965 Safari Magazine Ad

Art Fitzpatrick Renderings

1965 Bonneville Safaris


1965 Catalina Safaris


1965 Tempest Safari Postcard

1965 Tempest Custom Safaris

Tempest Safaris


1965 Canadian Models: Parisienne Safari, Laurentian Safari, Strato Chief Safari  (all 2 or 3 seat)

1965 Parisienne Safaris

1965 Laurentian Safari



The 1966 full size wagon became available with a full length vinyl top that covered the roof and wrapped around the rear tailgate glass. Tempest models featured the new Overhead cam (OHC) 6 cylinder engine with 1bbl as standard or 4bbl (Sprint) as optional along with the 326 V8.

US Models: Bonneville (3 seat), Catalina (2 or 3 seat), Tempest Custom Safari, Tempest Safari

1966 Wagon Production:

Bonneville: 8,452

Catalina 3 Seat: 2,965

Catalina: 2 Seat: 21,082

Tempest Custom: 7,614

Tempest: 4,095

1966 Sales Brochures

From Full Line Brochure

Wagon Brochure

1966 Bonneville Magazine Ad

Art Fitzpatrick Rendering

1966 Bonneville Postcard

1966 Bonnevilles

1966 Catalinas

1966 Tempest Custom Safaris

1966 Tempest Safari


1966 Canadian Models: Parisienne Safari, Laurentian Safari (2 or 3 seat), Strato Chief Safari

1966 Canadian Sales Brochures

From Full line Brochure

1966 Canadian Postcard

1966 Parisienne Safaris



New for 1967 full size wagons were two new V8 engines. The 400 (replacing the 389) and the 428 (replacing the 421). The 400 was available with 2 or 4bbl carb and the 428 with 4bbl carb only. There was no longer a tri power option. The 1967 full size lineup became even more confusing than ever with the addition of the Executive Safari. While placed in between the Bonneville and Catalina in the line up, the brochures listed it first. The Executive Safari was the "woody" for 67, offering the vinyl "wood grain" applique down the lower half of the body. The Executive Safari was carried through the 1970 model year when it was replaced by the Grand Safari.

US Models: Executive Safari (2 or 3 seat), Bonneville (3 seat), Catalina (2 or 3 seat), Tempest Safari, Tempest Custom, Tempest

1967 Wagon Production:

Executive 3 Seat: 5,903

Executive 2 Seat: 5,593

Bonneville: 6,771

Catalina 3 Seat: 11,040

Catalina 2 Seat: 18,305

Tempest Safari Custom: 5,324

Tempest Safari: 4,511

Tempest: 3,495

1967 Sales Brochures

Wide Track Wagons Brochure

From Full Line Brochure

1967 Executive Safari Magazine Ad

1967 Executive Safari Postcard

Art Fitzpatrick Artwork

1967 Executive Safaris

A 428 H.O. Powered Executive Safari 

The wagon below has an owner added Grand Prix front Fascia

1967 Bonnevilles

1967 Catalinas

1967 Catalina 3 seat

1967 Tempest Safaris

(GTO Hoods Were Not A Factory Wagon Option)

1967 Tempest

The Canadian line added a new full size model in the Grande Parisienne. This model was the "woody" of the Northern bunch, featuring a vinyl "wood grain" applique on the lower body. It came with the US Grand Prix style front end featuring hidden headlights (A feature not available on American wagon models). This model was available until 1971 when it was replaced by the Grand Parisienne.

1967 Canadian Models: Grand Parisienne Safari, Parisienne Safari, Laurentian Safari (2 or 3 Seat), Strato Chief Safari

1967 Canadian Sales Brochures

From Full Line Brochure

1967 Grand Parisienne Safaris

1967 Parisienne Safari

1967 Laurentian Safari

1967 Strato Chief Safari



The 1968 full size models went back to a horizontal headlight design, variations of which were kept until the end of full size Pontiac wagon production in 1989. For 1968 and 1969, they were set in to a recessed grill. The 1968 Tempest Safari became available with the Vinyl "wood grain" applique. The 350 V8 with a 2 bbl carb was introduced in place of the 326 V8 for Tempest models.

US Models: Executive Safari (2 or 3 seat), Bonneville (3 seat), Catalina (2 or 3 seat), Tempest Safari, Tempest Custom

1968 Wagon Production:

Executive 3 seat: 5,843

Executive 2 seat: 6,195

Bonneville: 6,926 

Catalina 3 Seat: 13,363

Catalina 2 Seat:  21,848

Tempest Safari: 4,414

Tempest Custom: 8,253

1968 Sales Brochures

From Full Line Brochure

Wide Tracking Wagons Brochure

1968 Executive Safari Magazine Ad

Art Fitzpatrick Renderings

1968 Executive Safari 3 Seat (with optional "Rak Pak" Roof Carrier)

1968 Catalinas

1968 Tempest Safaris

1968 Tempest Customs

1968 Tempests


1968 Canadian Models: Grand Parisienne Safari, Parisienne Safari, Laurentian Safari (2 or 3 Seat), Strato Chief Safari

1968 Canadian Sales Brochure

1968 Grand Parisienne

1968 Strato Chief



The Bonneville reverted back to the top of the brochure list for 1969. It was the first year that the two way tail gate was available on Pontiac wagons. This double hinged door feature allowed the door to be opened by pulling it down (like a tailgate) or swinging it open to the left (like a car door). The "wood grain" vinyl applique design was changed from the lower body to a centered position along the sides of the car and the tailgate. The 400 V8 dropped the 4bbl carb option. The 428 continued to be available as a 4bbl only. In the mid size wagons, the top Tempest model was replaced with the LeMans name. The budget mid size wagon for 1969 only was the Custom S.

US Models: Bonneville (3 seat), Executive Safari (2 or 3 seat), Catalina (2 or 3 seat), LeMans Safari, Custom S

1969 Wagon Production:

Bonneville: 7,428

Executive 3 seat: 6,805

Executive 2 seat: 6,411

Catalina 3 Seat: 13,393

Catalina 2 Seats: 20,352

LeMans: 4,115

Custom S: 6,963

1969 Sales Brochures

From Full line Brochures

1969 Station Wagons Brochure

Art Fitzpatrick Rendering

1969 Magazine Ad

1969 Executive Safari Postcard

1969 Executive Safari

1969 Bonneville

1969 Catalinas

1969 LeMans Safaris

(GTO Hoods Were Not A Factory Wagon Option)

1969 Custom S


1969 Canadian Models: Safari Estate, Safari Custom, Safari Deluxe, Safari, (all 2 or 3 seat)

1969 Canadian Sales Brochure

From Full Line Brochure

1969 Safari Deluxe

1969 Laurentian Safari



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