Old Pontiac Dealership Photos

By Bob Wicker                  Photos from the internet


Finding old photos of Pontiac dealerships is like a treasure hunt for many classic Pontiac lovers, especially if they show the old inventory in the showroom or on the lot. Some old dealers issued postcards with photos of the dealership. Dealership photos and postcards can both entertain and educate us regarding the history of these great cars and how they were sold.  Most of the photos in this article were posted on various internet forums. Special thanks to John Chung and Keith Seymore for posting many of these. Those dealerships that I could identify, I did. If you can identify others or have old pictures or postcards from Pontiac dealerships to share, please CONTACT US .


"Miss Pontiac" at Hephler Oakland-Pontiac

Pontiac Michigan in the 1920's

First Pontiac Dealership in Pontiac Michigan 1930's

Jones and Huggins Pontiac Fairmont North Carolina 1937

Boomershine Pontiac Smyrna Georgia

Simpson Pontiac Wyandotte Michigan Early 1940's

Lester Goodson Pontiac, Houston Texas 1951

Fred Carleson Pontiac Salt Lake City Utah 1949

Unknown Pontiac Dealership 1953

Pattison Pontiac New Orleans Louisiana 1950's

Century Pontiac Washingtion 1950's

South Bay Pontiac Patchogue New York 1958

Bitner Pontiac Pasadena California 1959

Dave Cole Pontiac Camden New Jersey 1959

Union Park Pontiac Wilmington Delaware 1960-1961

Ken Clark Pontiac Los Angeles California 1959

Dock Coffey Pontiac Amarillo Texas 1962

Unknown Pontiac Dealer 1963

Unknown Pontiac-Cadillac Dealer 1963

Salta Pontiac Long Beach California 1964

Brownell Pontiac Birmingham Alabama 1965

Peter Epsteen Pontiac Skokie Illinois 1965

Unknown Pontiac Dealer 1965

(someone should be able to identify this dealer based on the clues in the photo)

Bob Longpre Pontiac Monrovia California 1965

Harry's Cadillac-Pontiac Ashville North Carolina 1965

Noble Pontiac-Cadillac Marietta Georgia 1965

Bonander Pontiac Turlock California 1965

John Stratton Pontiac New Jersey 1965

Frank Gillman Pontiac Houston Texas 1965

Salta Pontiac Long Beach California 1966

Simpson Pontiac Southgate Michigan 1966

Utter Pontiac Los Angeles California 1960's

Royal Pontiac Royal Oak Michigan 1966

Don Gay Pontiac Dickinson Texas 1966

Bill Knafel Pontiac Akron Ohio 1966

Townsend Pontiac Gary Indiana 1966

Bonander Pontiac Turlock California 1967

Delta Pontiac Stockton California 1967

MF Jones Pontiac promotional Firebird Dallas Georgia 1967

Frank Gillman Pontiac Houston Texas 1967

Bob Longpre Pontiac Monrovia California 1968

Salta Pontiac Long Beach California 1968

Farish-Herzog Pontiac Modesto California 1968

Milner Pontiac Tulsa Oklahoma 1968

Monk King Pontiac Denton Texas 1968

Turnpike Pontiac Westport Connecticut 1968

Knafel Pontiac Akron Ohio 1969

(Photo of the Knafel Golden Sabre RAV GTO)

Old Mill Pontiac-Buick Toronto Ontario 1969

The "Judge Boys" 1969

Royal Pontiac Royal Oak Michigan 1969

Turpin Pontiac-Buick Ottawa Ontario 1969

Livingston Pontiac Los Angeles California 1970

Unknown Pontiac Dealer  1973

(with a large inventory of Venturas)

Bryan Pontiac- Cadillac 1973

Royce Barnett Pontiac Detroit Michigan 1974

Delta Pontiac Stockton California 1974

Frizell Pontiac Houston Texas 1970's

Olin and Ayres Buick-Pontiac Brodhead Wisconsin 1976

Macho TAs at Mecham Pontiac Glendale Arizona 1978

New 1978 Trans Ams on the lot - Unknown dealer

(note the front spoilers were not yet installed)

New 1979 Trans Ams on the lot - Darlington South Carolina

Macho TAs at Rosenthal Hayman Pontiac Alexandria VA 1979

Jones Pontiac used cars 1981

Peterson Motors Storm Lake Iowa - Early 1980's



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