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HALF - Houston Area Legendary Firebirds


This Pontiacs Online club spotlight is on HALF - Houston Area Legendary Firebirds. HALF is a first generation (1967 - 1969) Firebird club in Houston, Texas. HALF is a very active club that participates regularly in cruises, shows and other events. One of the founding members, Bjorn Sefeldt shares the following information about the club:

We started HALF as an 1967 - 1969 only Firebird club. But as we have no rules, we also have "allowed" a 70 Firebird and a lone 68 Camaro to participate. HALF began about 9 years ago with 5 members; Sal Dominguez, Carl Matthews, Drew Helm and I...and a fifth member Craig Kerr, but he moved away a few years later. At the time, we thought we had the only 5 Firebirds in town! 

As I had been member of 3 other car clubs and was not too happy about how they were run (dues, and political infighting for positions) I decided we would make this a "no club" club, no dues, no rules, no set meetings, no set anything. It has worked very well. I met either Carl or Sal first and it grew from there. Over the years we have added members we have met at car meets and such. Many ask, "what are the dues?" or "when do you meet?" and become happily surprised at our replies. It seems we now have about 20 - 25 fairly active members, but we "register" about 60 or so. 

We even have a few "long distance honorary members" who either just stay on our email list or have been here visiting...the longest distance member would be Hans Isaksen in Northern Norway who has been here and went with us on a cruise. And another Hans, from Sweden, also visited and cruised to the Shiner brewery with us. 

We usually get together each Saturday night either at a car cruise or show, or if weather is bad some of us just get together in our daily drivers and go to dinner. We are a pretty tight knit group, have lots of fun, and have parties with or without the cars. 

Our "typical" events are Autorama, the APA show in Galveston, our spring cruise for a weekend to Corpus Christi, Texas, our Bluebonnet cruise, our fall cruise to Shiner, a Bocktober fest at the Riss' in Pattison, Cruisin' the lake at Somerville, sometimes a Cinco de Mayo party at Dominguez' place, my Glogg party, etc. Of course several of us took part in last summer's first annual First Gen Firebirds Cannonbird Run to Estes Park, Colorado . This year's Cannonbird Run will be in Fredricksburg, Texas in July. There‚Äôs also talk about a group trip to Cruising the Coast this fall. 

We sometimes have "monster garages" where members get together and go help someone out working on their car. 

We just like to have fun. A slogan for HALF is "Remember, it's the people that makes our group so special......cruising around in cool Firebird's is just a bonus ".

Pontiacs Online would like to thank HALF for allowing us to shine our club spotlight on this active Pontiac club. To us, they represent a big part of what the Pontiac hobby is all about.




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