Photos courtsey of Arnie Krause


At Pontiacs Online we love old photographs showing Pontiacs back in the day. So when Arnie Krause sent us these photos of new 1975 Pontiacs from the Columbus Ohio Auto Show, we were thrilled. In addition to the show photos, taken by a professional photographer, Arnie grabbed some unique snap shots of the Banshee show car after the show was over.

Arnie shares:

"Back in the 70's I was the Pontiac Parts and Service Rep. for District 3 in the Cleveland Zone. When there was a car show in your district you were involved in the setup and take down for the show. Pontiac Central Office would determine which car show exhibit they would send and any concept cars to be displayed. The Columbus Auto Dealers were having a car show at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and I was assigned to handle the display set up. Pontiac determined they would send the "Banshee" Concept car down from Styling Dept. It arrived in an enclosed car trailer with no PMD identification, only some scallops on the side to match the pickup with the same design. This 4WD pickup was unique as it had a hydraulic tailgate with sliding motorcycle ramps in the bed that slid out and lowered the dirt bikes the Manager of this department had and liked to ride in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The local Pontiac Dealers had a professional photographer take pictures of the Pontiac Display and I was fortunate to receive a set of the photos. The photographer took a picture of the Banshee and me for my personal use. The smaller pictures of the Banshee were taken with my personal camera after the Banshee was removed from the display and ready for return to Pontiac. I had the opportunity to drive the Banshee around the Fairgrounds to see what it drove like. It had a 455 S.D. engine with Turbo 400 transmission. The driver's window did not go down, just a small window that you could put your hand out if necessary."

Note what appears to be the Motortown built L'il Wide Track Astre just above left of the Bonneville

The Ventura SJ show car

Arnie Krause and the Banshee concept. Arnie must be one of only a handful of people who actually got the chance to drive this car.

Arnie's snapshots of the Banshee concept

The styling department truck used to haul the Banshee

Note that the graphics on the side of this truck are similar to those used on the 

1976 GMC Indy 500 truck pictured below. Perhaps this truck was a styling exercise for the upcoming Indy truck?